How to change your password on Snapchat?

When you open an account in Snapchat, you will be asked to provide your name, date of birth, email address and phone number. After that, you will be asked to set a username and password for your account.

Tvzcvaedfaewhis password should be kept confidential as it will act as a key into your account. Be careful not to reveal it during chats and conversations. Also, be sure to select a password consisting of more than eight characters and something that cannot be easily guessed. However, situations may arise wherein you will require a new password

Forgetting the password

Snapchat surely is a platform which will help you in increasing your popularity. You can post the coolest snaps and gather a huge following. In fact, Snapchat boasts of a mighty one million daily users.

Some estimates show that it is likely to be more popularly used than the social media Twitter. Sixty percent of the youth are actively involved in Snapchat. Moreover, this platform will allow you to catch up on the news from around the world. But having a happening account in Snapchat is almost useless if you are locked out of your account.fwsdfgvwadfe

If you happen to forget your password by any chance, you will be denied access to your own account unless you make a recovery. And if you are by any chance unable to recover your password, then you are screwed big time.

Breach of privacy

As mentioned before, your password is the key to your Snapchat account. So you should make it a point to be rather careful about it. Do not give away your password to anyone, including your most trusted associates. Also, do not include any personal information in your password.

This can make it very simple to crack. Snapchat is where a lot of your private information gets stored. So you don’t want someone fooling around with your account. As it is, getting popular over Snapchat takes quite a bit of effort. If your hacker happens to post inappropriate media or replay embarrassing media backups, then all of the work will surely go down the drain.

The worst part is that none of your audience will get the smallest hint that your account is handled by an unknown person. The only way to bring this to a stop is by getting a new password.

How to get a new password?

Thankfully, if you have forgotten your password or want to change it for privacy concerns, Hack Snapchat freely allows you to do it. After all, they would not like to lose out on their users. Therefore, even the process to change the password is very simple. You can do so by using either the phone number or email address provided during sign up.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “forgot password” option. The recovery password will be sent to your email or phone, whichever you choose. If you want to reset the password, you will be asked to provide the old password and the new password that you want to keep. With this, you can change to a more secure, new password.

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Madden Mobile on Android and iOS

Madden Mobile release date approaching fast enough, 2K Games and practices with Cat Daddy and games for Android and iOS.

The new game you can benefit and a number of bonuses if you register now in the world of the Madden Mobile. You must log on Madden Mobile: Rivals here, and then use the appropriate option depending on the phone you have, based on iOS or Android.


Perhaps many readers of this article already know what it is in Madden Mobile game series, but who knows, we remind you. Franchising is one of the most successful of its kind and was launched in 2002. The games have been distinguished by graphics, but also through the story and gameplay relatively simple. Every game follows a protagonist trying to reach as high as in the underworld.

A 18.4-inch tablet Nokia has come online on GFXBench

The newest game in the series, Madden Mobile hack tool, will be released on October 7. The game takes us back in time to 1968 and sent us in New Orleans. There we follow the story of a character that leaves a path of crime to avenge surrogate family, murdered.

2K Games is preparing a Season Pass for Madden Mobile, giving players exclusive content JV games. This season pass comes with deluxe edition of the game. Version Collector’s Edition provides fans and other gifts, including the soundtrack of the game on a vinyl record.

Those who pre-order the game will receive bonus digital content, offer Family Kick-Back players by providing exclusive three cars, and new weapons.

Favorite Android games can be transmitted via Facebook Live

There is a whole industry, highly profitable, which revolve around gaming sessions posted online. Many YouTuber made a fortune in publishing in the manner of clips created by PewDiePie.

Since channels through which you can send video content to new users constantly evolving and it is positive that the tools we have available for this process often benefit from updates.vzxvdafaefw

In theory, especially when it comes to streaming live, Twitch is the platform preferred by many users. Unfortunately, if you want to post content in Android games, that process might not be the easiest in the world. When it comes to transmissions on Facebook Live, the process is even more complex. Fortunately, the whole system has just been simplified significantly by the creators of the most popular Android emulator for PC.

New version of BlueStacks, you see detailed video above, includes a forum to post in real time, through Facebook Live, your gaming sessions. Do not stop anyone to create and tutorials for utilities or other productivity applications through same tools, but it is obvious that the system was created primarily for gaming.

Regarding the actual system to be exploited it should not encounter too many difficulties to implement it. Download the new version of BlueStacks using this link for Mac or PC, install it, and the first run, use Google Play to take possession of your favorite games. After that, you are a few clicks away from posting your performances online via Facebook Live.

If you are fans Twitch, remember that Android emulator same job done and for streaming on that platform, only that the functionality was introduced in-app few months ago. None of this is to strive to reach the same performance PC that you did it on your smartphone or tablet.

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How to find your phone?

What do you do when you realize that you’ve lost your phone? Or when you are not even sure whether you left it somewhere or someone just picked it from your pocket? The only thing you would want is to know your phone’s whereabouts and whether it is in the right hands or not. So, the first thing that you can do in such a situation are:


  • Ring your phone 

Ringing your phone will help you know if your phone is anywhere near. Or if an honest person has found your phone, he will definitely answer the call and let you know where it is right now. You can do this by using a friend’s cell phone and also by using the website from a computer.

  • Retrace your steps

Retrace your steps all to all the way back to the places you visited before losing your phone. Give a detailed search over the places where you were most likely to use it.

  • Send a message to your phone

If both of the above two methods do not work, you can send a message to your phone rewarding a cash prize. This could motivate the person having your phone to return it back.

If none of these methods work, there is still no reason to panic because luckily, with many advancements in technology, locating your phone’s exact location wouldn’t be a very humongous task. In fact, if you have some specific apps installed your phone, you could even track every activity going on in your phone. Depending on the type of phone you have lost, you can make use of various means to get back your lost phone. But the first and the most sensible thing to do would be to immediately contact your service provider and block all the incoming and outgoing calls. Also, we use our phones not only to make calls, but to store other important information as well. So, if your phone allows for it, you should also lock up all the data stored on your phone.

  1. How to track an android phone?

You can use a computer to log in to your Google account and open the website “android device manager.” This website will help you pinpoint the exact location of your phone. You can also send a flash message to your phone with a note and a phone number to be contacted if anyone has found it. You can lock your phone screen and set a new password for your phone.

  1. How to track a smartphone?

Smartphones come with an inbuilt GPS. So, tracking a lost smartphone wouldn’t be very difficult. But for this, your phone needs to have an active internet connection. So, if you phone battery is dead, you will only be able to see the last place your phone was seen active.

  1. How to track a not so smart phone?

If the phone you have lost is just a simple handset, you should immediately lodge an FIR with the police. They can help you track it down.

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Development Techniques Pokemon

Which Pokémon is the best?

If you are crazy for the video games, then it is obvious that you must try the POKEMON GO game. Currently, it is one of the most popular video games. As a new video game, POKEMON GO has already set a new trend of playing strategy, and at the same time, it has introduced a list of new features.


Completely different from other video games, it has already acquired reputation from the users of the game. The central character of this game is the Pokémon. The game basically depicts 151 Pokémon. And as a player, you have to capture all the Pokémon, which is almost an impossible task.

Even some specific Pokémon are created for some particular continents. So, the game is very interesting and simultaneously very attractive too.

Now the million dollar question is which Pokémon is the best? Truly, it is a difficult task to find out the best Pokémon, as there are several different factors.

Factors to search for the best Pokémon:

See the CP level: The first thing that you should know is POKEMON GO is different from all the other video games. It is not like the common mainline games. The first criterion to search the best Pokémon is to see the CP level. A key fact regarding the CP level is you can find the best strong Pokémon with the increment of CP per level.

Find the best Eevee: Another key factor to finding the best Pokémon is to search for the best Eevee that you can evolve rightly. Remember, it is not easy to find an Eevee, and even it is also very difficult to evolve that Eevee. There are mainly four Eevee available so far in the POKEMON GO game. And each one is unique with different characters. Now to capture them is a hard task to perform, but if you succeed in it, then you can have the opportunity to find the best Pokémon.

Attack and hold the gym: Another criterion to find the best Pokémon is to find that Pokémon who can have the ability to attack effectively and can hold the gym perfectly for the right period. That means the defense is the priority to select the best Pokémon, though stamina must be taken into consideration also. Apart from this you can easily count the move tactics, move type and the effort to move effectively. So, it is clear that there are several factors that should be addressed rightly to find out the best Pokémon.

The proper move is necessary: One key point you need to remember that your move should be perfect to find the best Pokémon because different Pokémon requires different moves. Your first job is to set the criteria and to follow them because that criterion actually helps you to discover the right pokemon go location hack accordingly.

So, the above-discussed factors correctly define the way to find out the best Pokémon. It is true that there are several other ways and different factors that can also help you to perform your job satisfactorily. But it is important that easy and proper factors are the best ways to perform the job easily and properly.


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Laika, first dog in space

The first world power on earth, the USSR achieved another milestone by sending the first dog in space. Or you can say that USSR first sent an animal in space. The key feature of human nature is to explore new things all the time. And achievement is the ultimate truth of the exploration. After launching the first satellite, Sputnik 1, the USSR tried something new to achieve. And so the Soviet Russia decided to send a dog into space in order to see the aftermath of the incident.


Laika was the Soviet space dog, who was the first animal sent into space. She was also the first animal to move around the earth. This stray dog is found in the street of Moscow.

There were several reasons regarding the selection of the Laika.



The reasons are:

    • One valuable reason was scientists of Moscow thought that the stray dogs could bear the extreme atmosphere, that is very cold and hunger. When Laika was adopted to train for the space journey, she was barely 11 pounds, and her age was three years. The way is called Laika was monitored phone number tracker. This program works through satellite has no connection to the smartphone.
    • One important fact regarding Laika is the Soviet personnel gave her many different names. She was the only occupant of the famous Sputnik 2, the second Soviet spacecraft. This spacecraft was launched on November 3, in 1957. This spacecraft was settled into outer space of the earth.
    • Currently, a major development is done regarding the space technology. Even you can acquire all the details regarding the spacecraft in your home from television or the internet. But it was not same at the time of the journey of the Sputnik 2 spacecraft. The journey of Laika was prepared using only suggestions and theoretical research. The scientists were completely unaware about the result after sending Laika into space.
    • One important reason behind sending Laika into space is that the scientists wanted to see whether human beings can survive in space or not. According to some scientists, it was difficult for the humans to survive in the outer space. So, it was essential to discover whether it was possible for living beings to survive in space or not.
    • One important part of the experiments was to see whether a living being can survive even after bearing the microgravity in the outer space or not. The mission revealed some facts. Scientists understood some very important equations. After this journey, space scientists from several countries prepared properly for the space journey.
    • After this journey, the world has seen several space missions, which consists human beings as the occupant of the spacecraft.


  • But one bitter truth regarding Laika is there too. Laika died from overheating in the spacecraft. Even the key reason is not yet revealed. Though the most valid reason so far is the overheating, until 2002 all the people believed that she was dead due to the unavailability of the oxygen. In 2008 the Russian authority built a monument of Laika in Moscow near the military research authority.

Several reports and researches were made after the death of Laika, but the biggest fact is Laika is the pioneer of the current space development in the world.

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Guide: How do I choose my first DSLR

Guide: How do I choose my first DSLR and what accessories are useful


I remember 6 years ago i wanted to buy my first SLR. I knew i could raise my allowance money in, so i expected a time when parents were to help me. I remember that every day i looked on Youtube to hands – ons with the camera that i had chosen. It was a Nikon  D40 which i already knew by heart without ever see him in the flesh. My recommendation is to start looking at a D – SLR kit. I mean a package consisting of a body and a goal. The objective of kit is very well optimized DSLR   for the device that comes along. It will be extremely useful to begin with, will help you see you are limited and you can picture him in almost all situations. Also you can buy on the basis of the following objective, already knowing what you want to change and improve.

What are the main features of a DSLR?

Sensor: the most D – SLRs on the market have similar size sensors. On the surface this sensor pixels are found that give the image resolution. Currently, D – SLRs starts from 12 MP and can reach up to 24 MP. What you can do with 24 megapixels you can do with 12. The difference will not see so much in photo quality, but rather how much you can then cut out of them. The large number of megapixels also helps you when you wan to resize photographs and hiding image noise. However, the difference is not extremely high, which is why the number of MP would be the main criterion.

Viewfinder: I personally prefer the optial viewfinder that i see with the naked eye. Elctronic viewfinder helps you see the picture exactly as it will go, but ofter comes with a delay of the image and can be tiring. That happens entry – level cameras. The most advanced electronic viewfinder had reached another level and could be considered helpful.

Focus system: how many focus points have? 9 or 11 focus points will be enough, but the more thay are, the more you will be easier to choose where the clarity when shooting. Easier because chances subject may be one of the focus points are higher. DSLR

The list goes on, but probably many of the details are not so useful when you want to take this D – SLR. The price will be an important factor in choosing the model, but it is good to grab to fo through some of the specification above to be sure that the choice is the right one.  The next step after you have already used the kit is to buy another one. From the moment you enter a passion in the blood that desire to be there quite often. Willingness you still get a goal. And another one. But here not everyone will talk about next. We will talk stricly next objective after that to get the kit lens.


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