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Which Pokémon is the best?

If you are crazy for the video games, then it is obvious that you must try the POKEMON GO game. Currently, it is one of the most popular video games. As a new video game, POKEMON GO has already set a new trend of playing strategy, and at the same time, it has introduced a list of new features.


Completely different from other video games, it has already acquired reputation from the users of the game. The central character of this game is the Pokémon. The game basically depicts 151 Pokémon. And as a player, you have to capture all the Pokémon, which is almost an impossible task.

Even some specific Pokémon are created for some particular continents. So, the game is very interesting and simultaneously very attractive too.

Now the million dollar question is which Pokémon is the best? Truly, it is a difficult task to find out the best Pokémon, as there are several different factors.

Factors to search for the best Pokémon:

See the CP level: The first thing that you should know is POKEMON GO is different from all the other video games. It is not like the common mainline games. The first criterion to search the best Pokémon is to see the CP level. A key fact regarding the CP level is you can find the best strong Pokémon with the increment of CP per level.

Find the best Eevee: Another key factor to finding the best Pokémon is to search for the best Eevee that you can evolve rightly. Remember, it is not easy to find an Eevee, and even it is also very difficult to evolve that Eevee. There are mainly four Eevee available so far in the POKEMON GO game. And each one is unique with different characters. Now to capture them is a hard task to perform, but if you succeed in it, then you can have the opportunity to find the best Pokémon.

Attack and hold the gym: Another criterion to find the best Pokémon is to find that Pokémon who can have the ability to attack effectively and can hold the gym perfectly for the right period. That means the defense is the priority to select the best Pokémon, though stamina must be taken into consideration also. Apart from this you can easily count the move tactics, move type and the effort to move effectively. So, it is clear that there are several factors that should be addressed rightly to find out the best Pokémon.

The proper move is necessary: One key point you need to remember that your move should be perfect to find the best Pokémon because different Pokémon requires different moves. Your first job is to set the criteria and to follow them because that criterion actually helps you to discover the right pokemon go location hack accordingly.

So, the above-discussed factors correctly define the way to find out the best Pokémon. It is true that there are several other ways and different factors that can also help you to perform your job satisfactorily. But it is important that easy and proper factors are the best ways to perform the job easily and properly.


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