Guide: How do I choose my first DSLR

Guide: How do I choose my first DSLR and what accessories are useful


I remember 6 years ago i wanted to buy my first SLR. I knew i could raise my allowance money in, so i expected a time when parents were to help me. I remember that every day i looked on Youtube to hands – ons with the camera that i had chosen. It was a Nikon  D40 which i already knew by heart without ever see him in the flesh. My recommendation is to start looking at a D – SLR kit. I mean a package consisting of a body and a goal. The objective of kit is very well optimized DSLR   for the device that comes along. It will be extremely useful to begin with, will help you see you are limited and you can picture him in almost all situations. Also you can buy on the basis of the following objective, already knowing what you want to change and improve.

What are the main features of a DSLR?

Sensor: the most D – SLRs on the market have similar size sensors. On the surface this sensor pixels are found that give the image resolution. Currently, D – SLRs starts from 12 MP and can reach up to 24 MP. What you can do with 24 megapixels you can do with 12. The difference will not see so much in photo quality, but rather how much you can then cut out of them. The large number of megapixels also helps you when you wan to resize photographs and hiding image noise. However, the difference is not extremely high, which is why the number of MP would be the main criterion.

Viewfinder: I personally prefer the optial viewfinder that i see with the naked eye. Elctronic viewfinder helps you see the picture exactly as it will go, but ofter comes with a delay of the image and can be tiring. That happens entry – level cameras. The most advanced electronic viewfinder had reached another level and could be considered helpful.

Focus system: how many focus points have? 9 or 11 focus points will be enough, but the more thay are, the more you will be easier to choose where the clarity when shooting. Easier because chances subject may be one of the focus points are higher. DSLR

The list goes on, but probably many of the details are not so useful when you want to take this D – SLR. The price will be an important factor in choosing the model, but it is good to grab to fo through some of the specification above to be sure that the choice is the right one.  The next step after you have already used the kit is to buy another one. From the moment you enter a passion in the blood that desire to be there quite often. Willingness you still get a goal. And another one. But here not everyone will talk about next. We will talk stricly next objective after that to get the kit lens.


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