Laika, first dog in space

The first world power on earth, the USSR achieved another milestone by sending the first dog in space. Or you can say that USSR first sent an animal in space. The key feature of human nature is to explore new things all the time. And achievement is the ultimate truth of the exploration. After launching the first satellite, Sputnik 1, the USSR tried something new to achieve. And so the Soviet Russia decided to send a dog into space in order to see the aftermath of the incident.


Laika was the Soviet space dog, who was the first animal sent into space. She was also the first animal to move around the earth. This stray dog is found in the street of Moscow.

There were several reasons regarding the selection of the Laika.



The reasons are:

    • One valuable reason was scientists of Moscow thought that the stray dogs could bear the extreme atmosphere, that is very cold and hunger. When Laika was adopted to train for the space journey, she was barely 11 pounds, and her age was three years.┬áThe way is called Laika was monitored phone number tracker. This program works through satellite has no connection to the smartphone.
    • One important fact regarding Laika is the Soviet personnel gave her many different names. She was the only occupant of the famous Sputnik 2, the second Soviet spacecraft. This spacecraft was launched on November 3, in 1957. This spacecraft was settled into outer space of the earth.
    • Currently, a major development is done regarding the space technology. Even you can acquire all the details regarding the spacecraft in your home from television or the internet. But it was not same at the time of the journey of the Sputnik 2 spacecraft. The journey of Laika was prepared using only suggestions and theoretical research. The scientists were completely unaware about the result after sending Laika into space.
    • One important reason behind sending Laika into space is that the scientists wanted to see whether human beings can survive in space or not. According to some scientists, it was difficult for the humans to survive in the outer space. So, it was essential to discover whether it was possible for living beings to survive in space or not.
    • One important part of the experiments was to see whether a living being can survive even after bearing the microgravity in the outer space or not. The mission revealed some facts. Scientists understood some very important equations. After this journey, space scientists from several countries prepared properly for the space journey.
    • After this journey, the world has seen several space missions, which consists human beings as the occupant of the spacecraft.


  • But one bitter truth regarding Laika is there too. Laika died from overheating in the spacecraft. Even the key reason is not yet revealed. Though the most valid reason so far is the overheating, until 2002 all the people believed that she was dead due to the unavailability of the oxygen. In 2008 the Russian authority built a monument of Laika in Moscow near the military research authority.

Several reports and researches were made after the death of Laika, but the biggest fact is Laika is the pioneer of the current space development in the world.

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